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Our customer approach

Our ambition is to support our customers and prospects by bringing real added value to the services we offer.

You are a buyer:

We can exchange by email or telephone to define the contours of your acquisition project with the sending of information and photos. We are used to saying that a physical trip to Essaouira to meet us and visit goods will never replace email exchanges and photo consultations. This is all the more valid for customers who do not know Essaouira and sometimes even the Morocco.

Also, we only engage our customers in reliable and achievable projects, with upstream control by our team of all the documents necessary for a hassle-free purchase. All our acts of purchase are carried out in a competent notarial study.

You are a seller:

An interview prior to a visit to the property will allow you to verify first that the administrative situation is in conformity with a sale.

A site visit will let you know our opinion about the value of your property, which we will be able to synchronize with your claims.

Our objective is to carry out visits with prospects whose we know all the criteria of their project.

We therefore favor quality over the quantity of visits made.

You wish to rent in long term:

We carefully select the goods we offer and only retain those that meet the expectations of our majority foreign clientele.

Our lease contracts are drawn up and registered to provide the parties with the proper execution of the clauses.

You wish to reserve accommodation for your vacation:

For many years, we have had an updated rental fleet that meets the expectations of foreign customers who are often loyal.

Not acting as an online booking platform, we provide our customers with email or telephone exchanges all the advice prior to the implementation of a clear and reassuring booking contract.
You wish to make profitable your property:

Renting out generates rental income that can cover the costs of managing and maintaining your property, but also bring profitability.

According to a specification drawn up by us, we will study the possibility of implementing a partnership based on tranquility and performance.